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    Smokey was a key character in Pixar's Cars 3. Learn about the "Real Smokey"
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    Germain Racing brought the #13 back to life for Throwback Weekend at Darlington 2016.
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    Smokey's Chevy won the last Beach Race with Paul Goldsmith at the wheel.
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    Smokey's famous "capsule car" was inspired by a German fighter plane that chased the B-17 he piloted in WWII.
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    In the early days of NASCAR, everyone was involved in pit stops, including Smokey, who owned and built this Chevelle.
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    A rare moment when Smokey and "Big Bill" France saw eye to eye on something.
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    Smokey would spend a month at the hotel he owned in Ecuador after the Indy 500 to recover from working everyday for 4 months straight.
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    When Smokey died in 2001, he had an engine collection that included Indy and stock car engines.
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    You can see Smokey and Herb at the rear of car after Herb won another race on his way to the championship in the early 50's.
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    A great addition to your shop wall. Click to order yours.
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    Smokey spent years working on countless engines on his dynos, which contributed to his almost complete hearing loss.
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    Smokey and Paul Goldsmith won a lot of races together - and chased a lot of women together.
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    Smokey in front of his B-17 somewhere in Italy during WWII.
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    Smokey designed an energy absorbing soft wall years before Dale Sr's death would send NASCAR scrambling to create one.